Young Voices Year 6

1st October 2014

This year, for the first time, our children are going to be involved in ‘Young Voices’ and we have chosen Year 6 as the children to take part.
What is Young Voices?
The largest children’s choir in the UK! Each year, thousands of children learn songs and then perform them alongside a live band to a huge audience. It’s hard work, with lots of songs and dance moves to learn, but it’s also great fun! The children will leave school at lunchtime to rehearse at the arena. They will have a packed tea and then will perform their concert in the evening. All children will travel back to school on the coach and will not be allowed home with parents who are attending the event. There are thousands of children at the event and trying to meet up with parents is impossible after the event finishes. They will be back at school around 10pm although it may be later, depending on how long it takes us to exit the coach park! We will wait with any children who have parents also heading back from Sheffield and may be delayed.
What will it cost?
School is going to cover the cost of the coach for the children and they do not have to pay to take part. Parents who wish to watch the performance will need to purchase tickets at £19.50 each and children will require a T-shirt. Young Voices T-shirts can be purchased for £10 or a plain white shirt may be worn. Young Voices T-shirts are optional. The children will need dark coloured trousers or leggings. It is also possible to purchase a DVD of the event.
How does my child sign up?
We are presuming that all the Year 6 children would love to be involved in this unique experience. However please speak to Mr Willmott if this is not the case. They have each been given words and a rehearsal CD and will need to learn the words off-by-heart.