8th January 2016

Re: YOUNG VOICES 2016 – Tuesday 19th January. Sheffield Arena.


The big event is approaching fast and we are very busy with our last minute preparations! We are excited about what promises to be a great day. Here are the practical arrangements.


The children should come to school as normal on the day but will need to be dressed for the event. They need dark coloured bottoms (preferably black) and either a white t-shirt or their Young Voices t-shirt. It is cold in the arena during the day so extra layers will be needed.


We shall be leaving at lunchtime from school. The children will have an early lunch in school so can have their school dinner or packed lunch as normal. They will need both a packed tea to take to the arena, plus extra drinks and snacks for the afternoon. It is a long afternoon and evening so plenty of fuel is required! Please do not send fizzy drinks or glass bottles.


The concert is due to end around 9:15pm.  No child can be taken home from Sheffield Arena, they must return with the rest of their school party. We will leave as quickly as we can but the time it takes to get back does vary immensely due to the volume of traffic. We would hope to return to school between 10-10:15pm. If you are watching the concert and it does take you a while to get out of the arena do not worry...we will wait!


In the meantime, do encourage your children to learn their words and dances!


With thanks,


Signed on behalf of Mrs Ellie Brown  (Music teacher)