Years 2 and 3 end of day arrangements

4th September 2014

Dear Parents / Carers
Children in Years 2 and 3
As your children are growing up you may wish to meet them either in the playground at the front of school, at the bottom of the hill, by the pedestrian gate on St Paul’s Drive or at the doorway of another classroom.  This may be because you have children in other classes, because you have difficulty getting to the classroom or simply because you think your child is ready to leave the classroom on their own and meet you somewhere else.  We would always ask that you have a meeting place inside the school grounds.  Children should always be told to come back to the classroom if there is no adult there to meet them in the pre-arranged place, and they should always know which adult is meeting them.
If you wish to meet your child somewhere other than outside the classroom door, please sign the consent form below and hand it in to the class teacher.  We will not allow children to leave the classroom unless there is a known adult there to meet them, or we have a signed consent form. 
Many of our parents/carers still like to come and meet their children at the classroom door.  This is absolutely fine and we are very happy for you to continue doing this for as long as you and your child wish.
If for any reason you will not be at school for 3.15pm, please ring the school office.  This is especially important if you are not meeting your child at the classroom door.
Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to the class teacher.

Yours sincerely 

Christine Chell