Year 6 SATs Meeting

26th January 2016

Dear Parent(s) and Carer(s)


I am holding a meeting on Monday 15th February regarding the Year 6 SATs.  It will be held in the school hall and will start at 5.00 pm.  Parents, carers and children are all very welcome to attend, although I would ask that if your child is attending without an adult please indicate on the reply slip how your child will be getting home after the meeting.


I will be giving more details of when the SATs are and how best to prepare your child for them.  I will also endeavour to answer any questions that you or your child may have.


I do hope that you are able to attend as this is a very important time and your support will be very much appreciated.  Please indicate on the reply slip below if you are able to attend.


Yours sincerely




Mr P Willmott

Year 6 Teacher / Key Stage 2 Leader