Year 5 holiday home work

26th May 2017

Spellings:  All children have been sent home with a set of spellings taken directly from the year 5/6 or year 3/4 spelling list. They have been individually tested over the past two weeks and these are the spellings they are still not spelling correctly  Individual testing will continue for the final term.

English/Topic Children have been researching famous Victorian people and inventions. They have chosen a person to study and they have had time in school to carry out research and print images. They need to produce an A4 sheet summarising their findings. Their work will form part of a display about the Victorians which will be in the shared area for other children in KS2 to read.

There is no requirement to word process the work or produce a printed copy (unless children want to and have access to a computer and printer.) 

In addition I have asked children to make a model of a Victorian invention or create a careful, detailed drawing to accompany their A4 information sheet. 


Maths homework

All children have been sent home with their Maths homework books.  I have asked these are returned on Monday 5th June.   In addition children should check they have completed  the tasks set via Mathletics.

Thank you

Mrs Lees

5L class teacher