Y6 Maths Booster Classes

17th March 2015

Dear Parents/Carers


As I mentioned in the Year 6 SATs meeting, I am intending to run voluntary ‘booster classes’ before school in the run up to SATs. This is to either:


  • provide extra support, practise and reassurance for any Year 6 children who feel they may be struggling with certain aspects of maths


  • to extend and build on work covered in class so that these children can have their attainment pushed that little bit further.


There will be two classes per week: one for children who need extra support to achieve a secure Level 4 (the average mark for Year 6) and one for children who are a little more confident and would like to practise some tougher questions in order to achieve a higher Level 5 (above average for Year 6). It has already been explained to the children that they would only be expected to attend one of these groups, depending on the personal target that has been set for them.


The Level 4 club will be on Tuesday mornings, commencing 17th March. 


The Level 5 club will be on Thursday mornings, commencing 19th March.


Both groups will start at 8am and will run for 30 mins – giving the children a 15 minute break before ‘main school’ starts. 


Please note that this is not a breakfast club, so food will not be provided.


I would be grateful if you could sign the slip below to indicate whether or not your child is able to attend the booster classes.


Yours sincerely



Paul Willmott

Year 6 teacher/Key Stage 2 leader/Maths leader