Whole School Definition - Created by Staff, Pupils & Governors in January 2019

At Alverthorpe St Paul’s we define spirituality as being a person’s connection to and relationship with themselves, others, God, nature and the world around them.  

How Spirituality is Taught

We believe it is important to provide the time and space for pupils to explore and make sense of the world and their place within it.  We provide opportunities for pupil’s to develop spiritually through:

  • play and drama;
  • asking big questions and being curious;
  • looking at the world with awe and wonder;
  • recognising and developing a deeper understanding of feelings;
  • listening to music and the sounds of nature;
  • creating things;
  • mindfulness;
  • meditation;
  • recognising moments of change and of personal development;
  • encouraging open mindedness;
  • challenging ourselves;
  • being courageous;
  • reflecting. 
Spiritual Areas

We have dedicated spiritual areas throughout school such as the JAM (Jesus and Me) Area which is used at break and lunchtimes and areas or displays in classrooms.  Classroom spiritual displays/areas are intend for the children to use and interact with or to display pupil’s thoughts and questions. They include wonder walls, kindness noticeboards, prayer trees and areas linked to our Christian vision and values.