Spelling in Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6)

17th November 2015

As you will be aware, the Government has raised expectations across the curriculum.  This particularly affects standards within English; there now has to be an even greater emphasis on getting those basic skills right – reading, handwriting, punctuation and spelling – and this will impact all children through to (and including) GCSEs.


As teachers of Upper Key Stage 2, Miss Inman and I have noticed that there is quite a ‘laid-back’ attitude from a number of the children when it comes to learning spellings.  Whilst we acknowledge and support those individuals for whom spelling is a genuine difficulty, we also recognise that there are many children simply not bothering to learn words that are sent home.  In Year 6 particularly I have noticed that a number of children are still unable to spell all the words in ‘the tricky twenty’ list, which has been sent home at least twice since the end of Year 5!  These are words that children often spell wrong, but need to be getting right!  (I have attached these to this letter, along with the spelling lists for all of Key Stage 2, which are also available on the school website.)


If your child is one of those who does practise their spellings regularly then this letter is not directly aimed at them nor yourself.  Please continue to do what you are doing and we thank you for your support.  We have discovered, however, that some parents of Upper KS2 children are actually unaware that there are weekly spellings because their child hasn’t told them! 

We would ask that you please encourage them practise their words properly, using the LACAWAC (Look and Cover and Write and Check) method as spelling needs to be a physical process. 


Please complete the tear-off slip overleaf to acknowledge that you have read this letter.  In the meantime, please remember that curriculum information about what the children are learning is available on the school website, along with the spelling lists attached to this letter.


Yours sincerely


Paul Willmott

KS2 leader and Year 6 teacher