28th September 2015

The PTA provide a significant amout of money through their hard work in organising events throuhout the year. The money is used for the extra ‘luxury’ items that cannot be paid for out of the school budget. Small extras such as the coins to commemorate the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch, the ingredients used in baking, prizes given out at Christmas etc. She also explained that the money goes towards subsidising school trips so that parents don’t have to cover staff costs or pay anything other than the cost of sending their own child on a trip.
In addition a lot of the money raised last year has gone towards the extra provision for outdoor learning in Early Years, and an extra set of Notebooks.
You can find out more from the  minutes of the last meeting and AGM. Or you can support this worthy cause by becoming a member. The next meeting is at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 20th October.