R:H - Miss Hollis

22nd January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers


R:H - Miss Hollis


I write to let you know that Miss Hollis will be on special leave of absence approved by the Governors next half-term.  This five week break will be covered by Mrs Khalid-Iqbal who is a very experienced Early Years teacher. 


The children will have the opportunity to meet Mrs Khalid-Iqbal next week whilst she is in school working with Miss Hollis to ensure that she is familiar with the children, their needs, and the routines of our school.  I will be acting Foundation Stage Leader for this five week period.


Miss Hollis is attending a very special family event in Australia and is taking this opportunity to tour the country whilst she is there.  I am sure that when she returns to us after the Easter break she will be able to share with the children many of the interesting experiences she has had in Australia.


I do hope you will join me in wishing Miss Hollis an amazing trip filled with lots of wonderful memories, and welcome Mrs Khalid-Iqbal to our school family for the five week half-term.


Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Hollis or myself.


Yours sincerely


Christine Chell