Reading in Key Stage 1

24th September 2014

We are aware that there has been some misunderstanding about reading in key stage one so this letter should clarify what happens in our classes. As discussed in the parent meeting, to help to motivate children to read at home, we have a reading chart in our classrooms. Children will receive a dot on the chart for each time that they read at home. To receive a dot on the chart the children need to put their reading record into the red tray in the classroom on a morning, please make sure that you have signed and dated or made a comment in the reading record to show that you have read.
To encourage the children to be more independent we have told them that they will need to change their own reading books on a morning as necessary. We have reminded the children of this and they know where the reading books are stored.
Teachers hear children read each week during guided reading, which is reading in small groups of around 5 or 6 children. We have parent helpers and teaching assistants who hear the children read their reading books regularly and the class teacher will hear all children read their home reading books once a half term. Their home reading book should be a book can they can read with confidence and ease for pleasure. Teachers will move children on to the next band when they are ready. Please feel free to write a comment in your child’s reading record or talk to the class teacher if you feel there is a problem with the band that your child is reading