Our School Council have asked for a special Three Course Lunch!

26th January 2016




Melon or Homemade Vegetable Soup


Toad in the Hole or Vegetarian Toad in the Hole

With seasonal vegetables


Marble Sponge and Custard or Fruit Selection

Money raised by the PTA will subsidise the cost of the Three Course Lunch and therefore the charge will be £1.85 which is the usual cost of a school meal.


Children who usually have a school dinner - Children who usually pay for a school meal need not do anything else.


Children who usually have a packed lunch - If your child usually has a packed lunch from home they are invited to join the other children in their class and have the Three Course Lunch.  Please complete the reply slip below and return it with £1.85 by Monday 18th January so that we are able to order the correct amount of food.