8th January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

The new Ofsted report is now available on our school website for you to read. If you are unable to access our website and therefore require a paper copy then please come to the school office where we will happily give you a copy. You will notice that the overall judgement given to the school is ‘Requires Improvement’. Whilst this is obviously disappointing, it is an accurate reflection of where the school is at the moment, particularly when considering data and pupil outcomes over the past few years.

The most important thing I can say is that Ofsted acknowledges that the Senior Leadership Team know the strengths and weaknesses of school and have been acting in key areas to develop since September. It obviously takes time to embed all the changes we have made and for this to positively impact on pupil progress. Unfortunately, 12 weeks is not enough time for Ofsted to see the impact of everything. The areas that we began working on first in September, such as mathematics, feature more positively in the report and the impact of this is already being seen. We were only in our 4th week of implementing the new approach to the teaching of reading and writing when Ofsted visited and therefore it was hard to see the impact of this. They do however acknowledge the potential that this has which is pleasing to see.

Despite this judgement, there are a number of areas that we should celebrate as a school, including our Early Years unit (Nursery and Reception), safeguarding, our provision for children with Special Educational Needs, Key Stage Two outcomes for 2018, the overall attitudes and behaviour of children and the teaching of music and PE to name just a few.

As Headteacher, I am confident that we will see the impact of everything that has been implemented by the end of the academic year and that outcomes will improve in areas that recently have not been strong enough.
As always I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and positivity with everything I have implemented since September. If anybody would like to comment on any of the report (positive or otherwise) then please feel free to do so