Nursery Suggestions box

11th April 2016

Don’t forget to use our suggestion box during stay and play in the mornings or during our extra-long stay and play session next week.


So last half term we had four suggestions.  We have responded by:


1)    Sending home a copy of the curriculum map each half term (in addition to it being accessible on the school website as usual) so that you can see what your child is focussing on during the half term as well as on a week by week basis (written on entrance whiteboard weekly).


2)    Displaying a large copy of the timetable on the entrance whiteboard (in addition to the planning display available to look at in our second classroom).  So you can see the routines and expectations for your child for this half term.


3)    Reviewing how we manage our home time system.  After discussion with staff and the head teacher it has been decided that in order to keep the children safe, ensure that each child goes to the correct adult and does not run into the school carpark or onto the road that the best option is to continue the queueing system.  We do endeavour to send children out in queue order, however, they may be struggling with personal items or not hear first time so children may not always exit in queue order.


4)    Review the communication opportunities for parents.  Staff are always available to welcome and chat to you and your child during the daily stay and play sessions first thing in the morning.  If you need to hand forms in or speak to a member of staff at school pick up time you are very welcome to do so. If a longer conversation is required just alert a member of staff and you are very welcome to wait inside the foyer with your child until the rest of the class have gone.


Please use the suggestion box and forms available.  As you can see, it really does make a difference!!


Thank you, the Nursery Team