Nursery Curriculum Letter: Autumn 2015

7th September 2015

Nursery Curriculum Letter:   Autumn 2015

                   Personal, Social and Emotional Development. 

We encourage the children to:-

-      Use toilets hygienically and wash hands.

-      Listen and take turns in conversation.

-      Work independently in different areas of the classroom and outdoors, and to tidy up when asked.

-      Form friendships with other children.

-      Understand and follow the expectations for behaviour and school routines.

-      Take turns, share and use good manners.

-      Answer verbally when spoken to.

-      Follow simple instructions.

-      Put on and take off outdoor clothing and hang on own peg.

What you can do: Ensure your child can put on / remove own shoes, coat and trousers independently. Remind your child to take responsibility for flushing the toilet and washing their hands.

Create opportunities for your child to play with others outside school time in order to further develop their social skills.


  1. The books we are sharing this term as a class include Dinosaur Roar and any of the Julia Donalson stories. We will be encouraging the children to join in with the stories and talk about them.

What you can do: Read a bedtime story to your child several times a week, encouraging them to hold the book the correct way up and turn pages.


  1. In Numeracy the children will be involved in daily counting activities and recognition of numbers.  We will be introducing Numicon through play and encourage counting, matching and sorting games to focus on ‘same’ and ‘different’. 

 What you can do: Practise counting and sorting objects correctly. Spot numbers out and about.                                                


Physical Development.   Fine motor skills will develop through cutting, playdough, threading, pencil and paint based activities, and building models using small construction and junk modelling resources. In our outdoor area children will be exploring how to use the resources available to develop their large motor skills, e.g. constructing on a large scale.

What you can do.  Encourage your child to play outside on a daily basis whatever the weather.