Tuesday: Photography Club - 15:15 – 16:00 / Music Club - 15:15 – 16:00                   

Wednesday: Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip (12:FM & 12:M) / Rounder`s Club - 15:15 – 16:15

Friday:  Football Club - 15:15 – 16:15


Welcome back to this, the final half term of the year! Where has this school year gone?



Congratulations to Year 5, for the highest attendance and the only class to achieve our target of 96%.  We have a number of children with unexplained absence from school this week. While the law prevents us from authorising any holiday, we do accept that for reasons of work, money families have no choice but to take holiday in term-term. This absence does affect children`s education as they miss new concepts that other children are learning. All absence whether children on holiday or sick, is counted in the same way. A developing problem is that, as parents know that holidays are not able to be authorised, we have several children who are not in school and we have no information concerning their whereabouts. This initiates safeguarding procedures. Please can you always inform school when children are absent so that we know children are safe.

Honesty is one of our important values. Please help us promote this by telling the truth about where your children are.


Week Ending 27.05.16




Nursery - Mrs Stewart




R1W – Miss Walker


3C - Miss Carter


RH - Miss Hollis


4L – Mr Lodge


1:2M - Miss Mullins


5I – Miss Inman


1:2FM - Mrs Fyffe & Mrs Charles


6W - Mr Willmott         


Hot Weather

With the warmer weather hopefully upon us, can you please ensure the children bring a hat and water bottle. Children will be encouraged to drink more when conditions are hot. Parent/carers should apply waterproof sunscreen which gives complete protection to all exposed areas of the skin prior to sending their child to school and provide them with sunscreen which they can re-apply in school themselves.



The dreaded hay fever season, is upon us!  If your child suffers from hayfever can we ask that you give them medication (Piriton or similar) before they come to school to help ease their symptoms.

If additional doses are required throughout the school day we can store and administer this if medication is dropped at the school office and a medication form is completed.




Uniform Orders

Don`t forget to purchase your new uniform for September.


XAMAX CLOTHING who are our official uniform supplier have a number of different ways to order. 

  • Online
  • By Telephone
  • At the shop



Please follow the link

Click - School Shops – Alverthorpe St Paul`s

  • Complete online order form


For parents who can’t easily accept parcel deliveries at home or would prefer the ease of having their orders delivered to school, select alternate delivery address and enter school details, your order will be sent home via the school office.


* If you would like to order online or by telephone but are unsure of what size you need, we do have one of each size at the school office for you to look at.



Shop Address:

Xamax Clothing Co

Roundwood Industrial Estate








01924 266668  


 OPEN:    Monday – Friday  8am-5pm        Saturday 9am – 1pm



Royal Blue Sweatshirt, Cardigan or Jumper
(preferably with embroidered school logo)

White Shirt, Blouse or Polo Shirt -  - long or short sleeved

Grey Skirt, Pinafore, Shorts or Trousers

PE Kit


Navy Blue Shorts and coloured t-shirt (according to house) for Indoor PE

Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms and Navy Blue Top for Outdoor PE




Christine Chell

Head teacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection