Tuesday:        Music Club    - 15:15 – 16:00pm    /    PTA Meeting -  18:30pm

Wednesday:   Cricket  - 15:15 – 16:15pm   



Once again we have had to deal with ANGRY residents fed up with parents parking on St Paul`s Drive during the school run. St Paul`s Drive has clear road markings that PROHIBIT parking or waiting between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.  In one instance, verbal abuse and rudeness were used towards a local homeowner when he asked a driver to move their car so that they could exit their own driveway! Residents have contacted the local police, who have agreed to once again carry out random traffic checks, and issue tickets to any cars parked illegally or causing an obstruction.


As well as causing difficulties for residents by blocking access, people are pulling onto the pavements when dropping children off. In doing this you are causing an obstruction and a danger to children, prams and disabled pedestrians trying to use the path.  Can we ask that that if you see someone parking on a pavement or causing an obstruction in any way that you take the registration number and contact the Police or the parking authorities at the council.


We really do not want to follow other schools by printing registration numbers or photos on newsletters of cars parked inconsiderately, but this may be a route we will have to explore if things do not improve.


We would of course always appeal to people's better nature and ask parents and carers to use the car park provided at the bottom of the hill and use the footpath to prevent such arguments and difficult situations arising.

After all, we all only want the best for our children and to show them how to be good role models and citizens as they grow older. As a school we work tirelessly to uphold a positive relationship with our local community. The children of St Paul`s School are continually praised in and out of school for their polite and exemplary behaviour. As adults we should set the same example.

PTA Meeting – Tuesday 9th June at 6.30pm

In the extremely busy build up to our School Carnival the PTA are having another meeting on Tuesday 9th June.  PLEASE COME ALONG!  It is really important that people get involved and support our PTA, because without them, there would be no Carnival.  We still need donations for items for raffle prizes, various stalls and tombola`s.


We are looking for additional helpers on the day of the Carnival, and we are hoping we can get volunteers to offer support with various roles throughout the day.


* Raffle TicketsPlease ensure that when returning raffle ticket stubs and money to school that ALL stubs are completed (we can`t give prizes if we don`t know who you are!) and please send the correct money, a full book is £1.00 (25p a ticket)


Staff News

Yes it`s true!  Mrs McGarrell and Mrs Hayton are both pregnant and are hoping to continue working until October half term. Congratulations!


Christine Chell

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection