Monday:  Bootcamp Year 3 & 4- 15:15 – 16:15       

Tuesday: Sculpture Club- 15:15 – 16:15 / Music Club   15:15 – 16:00               

Wednesday: 1:2FM Parent Assembly 9:15 (prompt start) / Bootcamp Year 1 & 2- 15:15 – 16:15      

Friday:   Football Club- 15:15 – 16:15 / Running Club-   15:15 – 16:00



New Term; let`s try and keep our attendance on track as we enter our Summer Term. 4L got 100% but not surprising due to it being the week of their residential trip. Well done to 5I and Nursery came out top in their Key Stages.


Week Ending 08:04:16




Nursery - Mrs Stewart




RW – Miss Walker


3M - Miss Carter


R:1H - Miss Hollis


4L – Mr Lodge


1:2M - Miss Mullins


5I – Miss Inman


1:2FM - Mrs Fyffe & Mrs Charles


6W - Mr Willmott        




Year 4 have survived their first residential! The children spent 3 days in Coberhill. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it is always great when we get positive feedback about our school from places we`ve visited.


Class Photographs

Tempest Photography will be in school for the whole day on Monday 18th April to take class photographs. Please make sure your child is in full, smart school uniform, including their school sweatshirt or cardigan.

Computer Gaming

Gaming has come such a long way in a short period of time and we should never lose sight that gaming can be hugely beneficial for children. Games such as Minecraft, used in the right way, build on the creativity of children and young people and can be hugely educational. But there are games out there which are completely inappropriate for our children to play or watch.  


Age ratings on games, whether you buy them in the shops or download from the internet, are not recommendations, they are law. That law (PEGI) is in place in the UK for good reason, and that’s because the content in some games is simply not appropriate for our children, particularly when it is violent and/or sexual in nature.


Some studies have shown a direct link between children playing violent games and then behaving aggressively. Other studies have shown a link between children using computer games and becoming less sociable and less academically able.


Young children often make sense of what they hear and see by role playing it out.


We urge you to be very aware of what computer games are being played at home and whether your primary school aged child is playing or watching an older family member play a game that is designed for an older audience.



Staff Car Park

Please ensure that when bringing children into school or picking them up, that you use the pedestrian entrance near reception. The staff car park entrance is strictly vehicle access only.


September Nursery Places

Reminder part-time nursery applications for September 2016 intake must be received by Wednesday 20th April. This is for children born before 31st August 2012.



Christine Chell

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection