Monday: RH & R1W Class Trip – Butterfly World / Sculpture Club 15:15 – 16:15

Tuesday: Photography Club - 15:15 – 16:00 / Music Club - 15:15 – 16:00                   

Wednesday: Rounder`s Club - 15:15 – 16:15

Friday:  Football Club - 15:15 – 16:15



Well done 1:2M for the highest attendance overall and the ONLY class in the whole school to achieve over 96%.  Please remember the end of term is just as important as the start!!


Week Ending 17.06.16




Nursery - Mrs Stewart




R1W – Miss Walker


3C - Miss Carter


RH - Miss Hollis


4L – Mr Lodge


1:2M - Miss Mullins


5I – Miss Inman


1:2FM - Mrs Fyffe & Mrs Charles


6W - Mr Willmott         




Reports & New Class Meetings 

End of year reports will be distributed on Monday 4th July (Year 6 will be sent home on Friday 8th once SATs results have arrived!).

There will be meetings in the last week of term for all classes moving up to the next class.

They will start at 3:30pm in the hall. I think many parents will find them supportive.


Monday 11th July – 3:30pm for all parents of children who will be in Upper Key Stage 2 in September:

·         Year 5 (currently Year 4)                     

·         Year 6 (currently Year 5)                                                        


Tuesday 12th July – 3:30pm for all parents of children who will be in Lower Key Stage 2 in September:

·         Year 3 (currently Year 2)      * ISS - School caterers will be available in the school hall from 3pm

·         Year 4 (currently Year 3)                                                           


Wednesday 13th July – 3:30pm for all parents of children moving in September to:

·         Reception (currently in Nursery)  * ISS - School caterers will be available in the school hall from

·         Year 1 (currently in Reception)                                                                                             3pm                                             

·         Year 2 (currently in Year 1)


Milk Scheme

The letter regarding the milk scheme was sent out earlier this week. Please remember that reply slips and payment must be received in the office no later than Wednesday 6th July. 




Carnival Preparations

A big thank you to everyone who has responded to our request for items for the various stalls and tombolas.  These items are being collected and sorted but we still need more! Please have a look round at home and send in anything that may be suitable for the following:


Jar Bar – A wonderful tradition, filled jars with goodies for the children

Toy Tombola – Clean unbroken toys, complete games and jigsaws

Tombola – Unwanted gifts, toiletries, jewellery


Christine Chell

Head teacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection