Well done 1:2FM and 3C for the highest attendance in their Key Stages this week. Sympathy with other classes who were plagued with illness, affecting their attendance badly! Hopefully the holiday may be enough to banish the winter bugs and see us all fighting fit for Spring! 


    Week Ending 29.01.16








R:H Miss Hollis


3C Miss Carter


R:1W Mrs Wood


4L Mr Lodge


1:2M Miss Mullins


5I Miss Inman


1:2:FM Mrs Charles

Mrs Fyffe


6W Mr Willmott



Keep our School Nut Free

Reminder regarding school policy “No nuts in school”.  We have pupils and staff with serious nut allergies. It is not just eating nuts that can have repercussions for them but any contact with the smallest trace at all can be very serious in terms of their health and well-being and even lead to anaphylactic shock.  We have had cases of peanut butter, nut based bars and even bagged peanuts!        

These products are strictly forbidden.

Please help us to keep our school environment safe for everyone by avoiding bringing these or any other nut products into school.

No Smoking!

We have received feedback from several parents concerning smoking outside the school gates.

As part of our joint responsibilities for keeping children safe, we are politely requesting that parents and carers do not smoke immediately outside school premises. When people do, children are having to walk through a fog of smoke, breathing in fumes and poisonous gases to get to school.  


Road Closures Commence Monday 15th February -

Overleaf is a letter from Northern Gas Networks regarding the closure of a section of St Paul`s Drive. This is to enable essential gas maintenance work to be completed.  There is a detailed map on the school website, but any queries/questions must be directed to Northern Gas and not to school.   


Half Term

I hope you all have a good half-term break and come back refreshed and ready for next half term. We return to school on Monday 15th February.


St Paul`s Church Notices

Next Funky Faith - Monday 15th February after school - 15:30pm

Next Parade Service – Mother`s Day March 6th - 9:30am

Next Messy Church – Monday 7th March 15:30pm

Usual service 9:30am – Sunday Morning



Christine Chell                                                                                                      

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection