Next Week Reminders:


Tuesday: Music Club – 8:00am Start

                      Music Concert  -  9:00 Coffee & Chocolates / Performance 9:30 (Invitation Only)

                     EYU and KS1 Nativity play in St Paul’s Church – 2:00pm start


Wednesday: Years 3 and 4 Christmas Concert   - 2:00pm start (Parents with Toddlers)  

Thursday:     Years 3 and 4 Christmas Concert   - 2:00pm start  (Ticket only)

Friday:          Years 3 and 4 Christmas Concert   - 2:00pm start  (Ticket  only) 



Well done to 4L the winners of KS2, and to 1:2M who came top in KS1. Sadly R:1W and 6W were the only other classes to beat the schools target of 96%. We are all getting tired as the term goes on, so make sure you are all looking after yourselves and getting enough sleep!   


    Week Ending 27.11.15








R:H Miss Hollis


3C Miss Carter


R:1W Mrs Wood


4L Mr Lodge


1:2M Miss Mullins


5I Miss Inman


1:2:FM Mrs Charles and Mrs Fyffe


6W Mr Willmott


Key Stage 1 and Early Years Nativity

‘A Tale of Two Birthdays’ will be held on Tuesday 8th December at 2:00pm at St Pauls Church. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time as it is a prompt start and late entries into church distract the children. After the performance children will get changed and they will be taken back to class where parents can collect them as normal and take them home.


Years 3/4 Production

 `What Does Christmas Mean to You` is being held at 2:00pm on Thursday and Friday in the school hall (ticket only). On Wednesday parents with pre-school children are invited to watch the dress rehearsal with Key Stage 1 children. (Please let the office know you are attending).


Each year I am so very proud of the productions that our children perform at Christmas.

A huge ‘Thank you’ firstly to the children for their hard work during rehearsals, and to the staff for all their hard work and preparations.  There will be a retiring collection at the end of each performance and all donations will go to Macmillan.



Christine Chell

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection