Welcome back for the start of another new school year. It`s lovely to have the children back with us after what we hope was a really good and enjoyable summer for all! A special welcome to all our new children and families who have joined our school and hope that you quickly settle into our new routines. I am looking forward to working with you as we support your children in their all-round development. If you are unsure about anything, please ask either your child’s class teacher or call in at the school office.
We are thrilled to see all the children looking so smart. Let`s keep the momentum going throughout the school year! Reminder: please ensure all items belonging to your child are named so they can be returned swiftly if misplaced.

Staffing News I would like to welcome Mrs Lees who has joined us as our Year 5 teacher, and welcome back Mrs Hayton and Mrs McGarrell who have returned from maternity leave. We also welcome Mrs Dixon and Miss Lomax who both join us as new lunchtime supervisors.
First Response Please may I remind all parents and carers that our school operates the First Response initiative. This is very important because it is aimed at keeping our children safe. It is school policy that the school office is informed when a child is absent from school on the first day of every absence and not by letter upon their return. It is your responsibility to visit or telephone the school office before 9.30 am. The telephone is manned from 8.15 am and you are able to leave a message on the answer phone before that time. Please ensure that this policy is adhered to so that we know all the children have got to school safely.

Dinner Money – Nursery, Key Stage 2 Only
A reminder that dinner money is now £1.90 per day (£9.50 for a full week).
For those parent/carers still not using the online payment system, please log on and take a look. Payments can be made at any time to suit you, so no more forgetting cash on a Monday morning! You can track your account and view menus. Details of how to register are:
Log onto ISS website: feedinghungryminds.co.uk
Click - ‘Payments’ (top right hand corner)
Click - ‘Wakefield’
Click - ‘Log in or Register’
Click - ‘New User’
Complete the registration form and click - ‘Register Me’
The registration will then be processed by ISS. On activation of your account you will be contacted by email or phone and you will then be ready to use your school meals online account. If you encounter any problems with the register process please contact Nikki Baxter on 0844 5835754 nikki.baxter@uk.issworld.com
* If paying by cheque, it should be made payable to WMDC. Money should be sent on a Monday morning in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.
Year 5 Swimming ALL children in Year 5 must bring their swimming kit on Monday 12th September. Once they have all been assessed they will be told their regular swimming day which will either be a Monday or a Thursday.
Helping Your Child at Home One way to help your child at school is to help them with pencil and cutting skills. Colouring in pictures gives children practice in gripping and controlling pencils and lets their tendons and muscles build a secure grasp. Dot to dots will help children to count and order numbers before they colour the pictures in. A favourite activity with all children is cutting and sticking – the Argos catalogue, a cheap glue stick and paper can keep them busy for hours – and develop skills that help children to do well at school. For some children, deciding what to colour or cut is difficult so help them to make choices for themselves. Young children need to be given two choices – `Are you going to colour the horse of the frog?` (This works for lots of things `Would you like a bath or a shower?` completely bypasses any argument about bedtime!)
Advance Notice of Diary Dates Parent / Teacher Consultations – Tuesday 1st November 3:30pm-7:00pm – Thursday 3rd November 3:30pm-7:00pm
Year 6 Class Assembly for Parents – 10th November 2:45pm
Year 5 Class Assembly for Parents – 17th November 2:45pm
We are just finalising the arrangements for after-school clubs. Sports, Choir, Music and Golf are all being arranged. The parent calendar will be available on the school website once all dates are finalised. We are aware parents welcome knowing dates in advance therefore we will provide you with dates up to February half term.

PTA – Plea for new members! We are looking for new members to join the PTA. At the moment we have a committee of around ten parents who organise and run events designed to raise funds for the school in a variety of ways ie: school discos, movie nights, sleep-overs and the fabulous Summer Carnival! Members and helpers participate in as many or as few as they choose. The committee meets each half-term for an evening to plan and organise fund-raising events and agree how existing funding should be spent. Please feel free to come along to one of the meetings. They are very informal and last about an hour. Our Next meeting is on Tuesday 13th September - Next Week! Come along. What have you got to lose? Outside of the PTA we have a large number of parents who make themselves available to help out either on a regular basis e.g. disco helpers or on an ad hoc basis to organise a particular event. Any contributions are gratefully received and appreciated as the work of the PTA, and money raised, goes towards the school and benefits each and every child. Thank you in advance for your help and support.

September School Closure Although we have only just returned from the long summer holiday school will be closed to children on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September for Teacher Training.
Christine Chell
Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection