Monday: –       Meeting  for all parents of children who will be in Upper Key Stage 2 in September - 15:30

                           Year 5 (currently Year 4) & Year 6 (currently Year 5)

Tuesday: –       Meeting for all parents of children who will be in Lower Key Stage 2 in September -  15:30

                           Year 3 (currently Year 2) & Year 4 (currently Year 3)

                           Yrs 5 & 6 Production “Robin & The Sherwood Hoodies” 13:40 -15:00 & 19:00 – 20:30

Wednesday: –Meeting for all parents of children moving in September – 15:30

                           Reception (currently in Nursery), Year 1 (currently in Reception) & Year 2 (currently in Year 1)

                           Yrs 5 & 6 Production “Robin & The Sherwood Hoodies” 19:00–20:30

Thursday: –      Yr 6 Pizza Hut Visit

Friday: –            Leavers Assembly 14:00



It’s good to see our attendance looking better! Well done R:1H winning with 100% in a week where there was real competition! Key Stage 2 winners were 4I with 99.17%, Well Done!


Week Ending 03:07:15




Nursery - Mrs Stewart




RW - Mrs Wood


3M - Miss Mullins


R:1H - Miss Hollis


4I - Miss Inman


1:2MS – Mrs McGarrell

& Mrs Somerville


5L - Mr Lodge


1:2HF - Mrs Hayton

& Mrs Fyffe


6W – Mr Wilmott



Carnival Thanks

I would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who was able to support the Carnival on Saturday. Our thanks go to those who collected donations from businesses out in the community, to everyone who made donations, to people who organised the Arena Events and those who took part. Thank you to those who helped set up stalls, those who ran them and then those who helped take it all down again leaving it as though nothing had happened. Thank you to those who cooked food, served drinks and thank you to all our bakers.  The school is very grateful to each person who gave their time, resources and dug into their pockets.


The school is very fortunate to have such a supportive, dedicated PTA, without them it would not be possible to buy resources for our outdoor leaning area, ICT, subsidise the educational visits, buy cooking ingredients and prizes for the children who are exceptional at lunchtime. I love the way many of you support the carnival event knowing it actually benefits the children. We had a great day and we managed to raise in the region of £3,600.00. Thank you.


Indoor Shoes

The school council have proposed that Indoor shoes be removed from the school uniform policy. It has been agreed that from September children will no longer need a second pair of shoes to change into on arrival at school. However all footwear must adhere to our policy guidelines of Black Shoes (no trainers). The children still need their trainers for PE and are welcome to change into them at playtimes.



Leavers Assembly for Year 6

This assembly will take place on Friday at 2:00pm. It will be a chance to share memories and photographs of the children and certificates will be awarded.  The assembly usually lasts for about an hour.  I hope the parents of the Year 6 children will be able to join us in this celebration of their children’s time here at St Paul’s. Please remember we only have enough room for 2 audience members per Year 6 child,  tickets will be sent home next week.  



If you have left any medication in school for your child/children please ensure that it is collected on or before Friday 17th July. Any uncollected medication will be disposed of at the end of term. 



Christine Chell

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection