Maths Booster Classes

23rd February 2016

As I mentioned in the Year 6 SATs meeting, I am intending to run voluntary ‘booster classes’ before school in the run up to SATs. This is to either:


•        provide extra support, practise and reassurance for any Year 6 children who feel they may be struggling with certain aspects of maths


•        to extend and build on work covered in class so that these children can have their attainment pushed that little bit further.


There will be two classes per week: Group A is for children who are working below expectations for this stage in Year 6 and Group B is for children who are on track to reach the expected standard at the end of the year but would benefit from additional coaching to make them even more secure.


Group A will meet on Wednesday mornings, commencing 2nd March. 


Group B will meet on Friday mornings, commencing 4th March.


Both groups will start at 8am and will run for 30 mins, giving the children a 15 minute break before ‘main school’ starts. 


Please note that this is not a breakfast club so food will not be provided.


I would be grateful if you could sign the slip below to indicate whether or not your child is able to attend the booster classes.


Yours sincerely




Paul Willmott

Year 6 teacher/Key Stage 2 leader/Maths leader