Lower - Upper Foundation Stage Curriculum Letter

14th April 2015

Curriculum Letter  Lower / Upper Foundation Stage Summer 2015


Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

. We consistently encourage the children to:-

-      Use toilets hygienically and wash hands.

-      Listen and take turns in conversation.

-      Work independently in different areas of the classroom and to tidy up.

-      Take turns, share and use good manners.

We will also be continuing to develop our project time which gives lots of opportunities for developing social and language skills.

What you can do: Encourage your child to question at home and respond to them.


Reading and Writing. In Literacy we are continuing to learn our letters and sounds. We are going to be blending and segmenting CVCC words and irregular words. We will also be re-telling the story Little Red Riding Hood in different ways.  We will continue with Writedance and Dough Disco to help our writing muscles to develop.

What you can do: Encourage your child to mark make in play e.g. drawing with chalk/water outside, taking orders for dinner, writing in birthday cards etc. Practise writing simple sentences- e.g. I went to the park.


  1. In Maths the children will be involved in daily ACLIC counting activities and recognition of numbers and the number sequence to 20 and beyond. We will be doubling and halving numbers to 10.  We will be using numbers in lots of different ways in our play and trying to solve simple word problems. We will also be looking at shape and pattern, playing with, recognising and naming 2d and 3d shapes.

 What you can do: Point out and talk about numbers in the environment. Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Physical Development. We will be learning the activities involved for sports day.   We will be continuing to develop our  fine motor skills through writing, cutting and sticking and construction activities.

What you can do: Practise cutting skills.


Thank you   

The Early Years Team