Illegal Parking

21st November 2014

Despite numerous newsletter pleas, and a visit from the local police, unfortunately we find ourselves having to address the issue of parking on St Paul`s Drive (yet again).

Road markings are there for a reason and drivers must not wait, park or stop to set down or pick up children on school entrance markings. We have had incidents of cars parking illegally on the zig-zags and yellow lines, blocking residents driveways. This has resulted in several complaints, one resident missed an important hospital appointment due to being blocked in by a parent/carer`s car. We have asked that if this happens again that the resident call the police direct with the registration of the vehicle.

We want parents and children to get to and from school safely, and urge parents to park at the car park at the bottom of the hill to avoid parking in places which will cause danger to children and to other road users. As the nights start drawing in, the risks posed by inconsiderate parking by the small minority greatly increase.

The police have informed us that they are going to be patrolling schools in the area on a regular basis and they will be issuing penalty notices to vehicles found to be illegally parked.


I thank all those parents who regularly park thoughtfully and hope this is the last time I will need to address illegal parking in the school newsletter.