Grammar for Parents

6th April 2016

The introduction of the new National Curriculum has reintroduced a great deal of grammar into teaching.  Many people have not been taught grammar in the way that it is now being taught to their children.

We will be holding a ‘Grammar for Parents’ information session on Tuesday 12th April at from 6pm – 7pm.

Please come along to find out what the children are learning in school!

If you think that you are likely to attend, it would help if you could fill the slip in below just so that we have an idea of numbers.  You are welcome to come along on the night even if you haven’t filled a slip in!  The session is suitable for KS2 children (*warning – Y3s and Y4s might find some of the discussion around Y6 work off putting so please reassure them that they don’t need to know it all yet!)