Confusion re spellings in Year 5

3rd October 2016

Confusion re spellings in Year 5

Children got Phase 13 Week 4 spellings to learn for a test on Friday 7th October. (See list below) These were given out to each child on Friday to give them the weekend in addition to the weekdays to learn them for Friday. These follow on from the spelling lessons this week in English which covered irregular plurals.  Children are asked to spell the words in a context, ie a sentence which means I am able to check sentence structure in addition to checking the accuracy of the word.  These were not put on Twitter. All words are from the Year 5 spelling list (2104 curriculum). 


 Week 5 words added to Twitter are the spellings children will be given on Friday 7th October (this week) for testing Friday 14th October.

Thank you.

Mrs Lees 5L