Collective Worship

We have a daily act of Collective Worship in school. These are led by both staff and pupils. All members of school evaluate Collective Worship in order to further enhance the experience. Feedback from these evaluations have resulted in:
  • Giving longer time for reflection - both silent and collaborative;
  • Changing the lighting to create a spiritual and reflective atmosphere;
  • Further increased pupil involvement;
  • Further involvement of Collective Worship Ambassadors.
Collective Worship Ambassadors
We have 8 Year 6 children who have been awarded the role of Collective Worship Ambassadors. They are each assigned to a class and sit with their class during every act of worship. During discussions, they speak to the children in their class, support children with their thinking and gather responses that can be shared during the worship. They are gather the views of children at the end of every worship and display these in our JAM (Jesus and Me) Area.
Collective Worship Committees
The Children's Collective Worship Committee meet regularly to plan and evaluate collective worship. They share what they like about collective worship and how they think it could be improved. They help with planning by making suggestions about music and stories that they would like and how they would like these to be presented (such as through 'Whoosh Bible stories', videos, drama etc. They also plan and lead their own collective worship at least once a term.
The adult Collective Worship Committee is involved in planning and evaluating collective worship.
Collective Worship Planning
Please see plans for Spring 2 below.