Classroom Changes

23rd June 2015

 Outdoor Provision


I write to let you know about an exciting change that is happening for when the children return to school in September.


Firstly I’ll start with some background.  Through our own self assessment and monitoring the Governors have been aware that we needed to further develop our outdoor learning for the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This was confirmed by Ofsted when they last inspected.  We have trialled various solutions to address this need and not been able to achieve an ‘outstanding’ result.


We really want the outdoor learning to work well for everyone!


The Governors and Staff have worked very hard to find the right solution and have now agreed plans to reorganise the location of our Key Stages.


From September 2015 the following reorganisation will be in place:


Classroom Currently

From September this will be for

Early Years Unit

Mixed Year 1 and 2 classes

Reading Recovery

R1H Miss Hollis


12MS Mrs Somerville & Mrs McGarrell

Mixed reception Year 1 Class

12 HF Mrs Fyffe & Mrs Hayton




KS 2 Classrooms will remain the same



This reorganisation will allow us to develop the back playground so that we can work towards outstanding Early Years Foundation Stage provision.  


All the staff are looking forward to this new and exciting time.  I hope you understand the need for the reorganisation and will join with us in embracing the changes.


Yours sincerely


Christine Chell