Christmas Parties

2nd December 2014

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)


Christmas Parties


I am writing to inform you of the food arrangements for the children’s Christmas Parties this year.  In previous years children have had a school dinner along with party food afterwards however; we have found that this is often too much for them.  Therefore this year’s arrangements are as follows:


On the party day, children will be provided with a ‘grab bag’ meal.  In the bag there will be a sandwich, vegetable sticks, a cake and fruit pieces.  This is for them to eat at their party.  Juice will be provided by the school.


The children will also be provided with a snack. For morning parties this will be in the afternoon and for afternoon parties in the morning.


Please note: for those children not on a party day – the normal meal service will be available.


Party Dates:

Wednesday 17th December am – Nursery and Reception (Nursery, RW and R1H)

Wednesday 17th December pm – Years 3 and 4 (3M and 4I)

Thursday 18th December am – Years 1 and 2 (1:2MS and 1:2HF)

Thursday 18th December pm – Years 5 and 6 (5L and 6W)


(Children can wear their party clothes on party day, but please remember they will be playing out at morning break and at lunchtime and also be playing party games therefore thin strappy sandals or strappy tops are unsuitable.)


If your child is on packed lunches but would like a ‘grab bag’ instead please complete the slip and return it with £1.80, the cost of a school lunch, by Monday 8th December.


Yours sincerely


Christine Chell