Maisie in Year 6 wrote this

Challenge is:


Challenge is such a beautiful thing,

Though it’s often hard to see,

How every challenge, big or small

                   Will always benefit me.                  


Challenge takes a lot of will,

Determination too,

Climbing mountains, diving in the sea,

Can all be done by you.


If there is no challenge left,

All of it swept away,

I doubt that we could ever live,

In any sort of way.

poem about 'Challenge'



 Should a challenge come your way,

Embrace it all you can,

Then you’ll find you can succeed,

So come on, be a man!


Climbing mountains can be tough,

Stopping injustice too,

But you can always be confident,

You’ve got it inside of you.


My final message to you for now,

Make all your dreams come true,

For when you die, there’s no way back,

Make the world remember you.