A Poem by Abigail (6W)

25th February 2016

The lonely dragon


In a boat which is overturned

There lives a dragon

A khaki green dragon

Who is lonely

The dragon is thinking

And thinking

Until he has an idea…


He thinks he should wait

Wait until a boy comes

A kind boy, a helpful boy

A boy who believes

A boy who will stay

And together they’ll talk

And together they will play


The dragon kept thinking

Until the day

All his hopes and wishes came true.

This is when a boy did come

With gentle soft and soft brown eyes

Wearing pale, dull clothes.


The boy looked as if he had no friends

He fed the dragon

He played with the dragon

He helped the dragon

Until neither of them felt lonely anymore

He’ll have the dragon until he stops believing.


Written by Abigail in Class 6W