Monday               Class Photographs 

Tuesday              Music Club 15:15 -16:00

Wednesday         Cricket  KS1 15:15 – 16:15



Welcome Back

I hope you have all had a restful Easter and are refreshed and ready for the run up to Spring Break.



 Yearly Attendance 

We’ve achieved: 96.56%

Our Target is: 96.00%

The school has a target of 96% attendance for the academic year 2014 – 2015. At the moment we are on course to achieve this, please help us by ensuring your child comes to school every day.  Did you know that if your child is absent for only one week in the year, they have already lost almost 3% attendance!


We accept the following reasons for absence:

 Illness

 Legal / court appointments

 Real emergencies or accidents, such as fire, flooding, burglary, transport strikes and extreme weather conditions which affect transport

 One day’s religious observance during the academic year.


Examples of absence that will not be authorised include:

 Family holidays, day trips and weekends away

 Whole day appointments with the dentist / doctor

 Time off for household matters such as child-minding or waiting in for home repair services.


Parents are therefore asked to:

 ensure their child attends school, on time, every day

 confirm the reason for absence by telephone on the first day of absence and the likely date of return

arrange holidays out of term time.

Class Photographs

Tempest Photography will be in school for the whole day on Monday 20th April to take class photographs. We are having informal style photographs this year; please can you make sure children are looking smart (in their uniform) and smiling.


Use of Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises

Parents are requested to refrain from using E Cigarettes anywhere in the school grounds. Whilst we appreciate you are not actually “smoking” they do give the impression to children/adults that you are smoking. Please ensure this message is passed on to other adults/young people that collect your children.



St Paul’s Church Notices


Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm Church open


Service Times

Sunday 11:00am Service

Monday 3.30pm Funky Faith











Christine Chell

Headteacher and Designated teacher for Child Protection